The Event / FAQ


General Questions

When is the 2018 LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K?

  • This year’s event will take place on Sunday, September 23, 2018.
  • To see the full schedule of events, please go here.

Where is the 2018 LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K?

  • This year’s event will take place at Auditorium Shores in Downtown Austin. 
  •  To see course maps, please go here.

How much is the registration fee for event participants and is there a deadline to register?

  • You can register online until the event starts at 7:30am on 9/23.
  • Onsite registration will be available during packet pickup hours on September 22 and September 23.
  • Please go here to view the fees.

Why do we ask for your credit card?

  • All participants must pay a non-refundable, non-transferable registration fee, which is separate from any fundraising efforts they may contribute. Personal credit card information will not be used for any other solicitation or expenses. The LIVESTRONG Foundation ensures the confidentiality of all personal and financial information.  

Can I withdraw from the event?

  • Registered participants that are no longer able to participate in event day may withdraw from the event, but registration fees and donations will remain non-refundable and non-transferable.

Are strollers allowed on the course?

  • Yes, strollers will be allowed on the course. For safety reasons, any participants with strollers will be asked to line up in the last corral.

Are dogs allowed on the course?

  • Unfortunately, dogs are not allowed to walk or run with you on the course due to safety reasons.

Can I transfer my registration to a different person if I can no longer participate in the event?

  • Unfortunately, registration is non-transferable. You are not permitted to share your registration materials with another participant under any circumstances
What happens if the event is cancelled due to inclement weather?
  • If there is inclement weather, the course director may delay the start up to one hour. Should weather conditions be deemed unsafe, we will be forced to cancel the event. The event would not be rescheduled and we would not be able to provide refunds. While this would be unfortunate, safety is our number one priority. We appreciate your understanding.

Fundraising Questions

I want to participate. Are there fundraising requirements?

  • The 2018 LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K does not have a fundraising minimum. However, we do encourage all of our participants to fundraise as dollars raised support programs and services benefiting cancer survivors and their families. 
  • To learn more about programs and services available to cancer survivors, click here.
  • When you register, a fundraising center will automatically be created for you. Simply log in at the top of the page. Use your email and password--you will create a password after you register--to log on and start fundraising! Start by asking your network of friends and family to support you at this event. You’ll be surprised how easy it is!  Here are some tools to help kick-start your fundraising.

What is a virtual participant?

  • The virtual participant classification gives someone the opportunity to contribute fundraising efforts to the Foundation without having to physically participate in the event. If you cannot attend the 2018 LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K, but still wish to pursue fundraising efforts to benefit LIVESTRONG's free programs and services,  sign up as a virtual participant to get started!
  • Virtual participants can register for free at any time.

What are some good ways to successfully reach my personal fundraising goals?

  • Be sure to check out our tips and tools section. Also, when you login to your fundraising center, you'll see documents with fundraising ideas, tools to reach out for financial support, email templates and much more! This is your chance to get creative, so feel free to use your own ideas as well!

Donation Questions

How do I make an online donation?

  • If you are participating in the event, you can make a donation to your personal participation center by logging in at the top of the page. If you are looking to donate to a different individual’s fundraising goals, please donate via the links on their respective fundraising center.  

How do I submit a check donation?

  • Anyone wishing to make a donation in this form should send the check and completed donation form to the address below.


PO Box 6070

Austin, TX 78762

Why do you ask for so much donor information?

  • The information we collect is needed to keep accurate records of donation history, as well as to provide appropriate tax information, if needed. The LIVESTRONG Foundation ensures its constituents that the confidentiality of their personal information is of the highest priority to us.  

Is my donation tax deductible, and if so, when will I receive my tax receipt?

  • All donations are 100% tax deductible in the United States, unless the donor received goods and/or services in exchange for all or a portion of his/her donation, such as through an auction or other fundraiser. For foreign donors, please refer to your local tax laws to determine if your donation to the 2018 LIVESTRONG Honor 5K and 10K is tax deductible.  
  • Donors that make a gift via check will receive a tax receipt in the mail once the gift has been processed.
  • Registration fees are not tax deductible.

Is LIVESTRONG a 501(c)(3)?

  • Yes, LIVESTRONG is a 501(c)(3).

Does LIVESTRONG participate in gift matching programs?

Personal Fundraising Page Questions

After I’ve registered, is it possible to make edits to my personal fundraising page?

  • Yes, anyone with a participant center can make changes to their personal fundraising page at any time. To do so, visit your personal fundraising center by logging in at the top of the page and follow the prompts that appear after clicking the yellow “edit page” button.

I’m having trouble uploading my profile picture for my personal fundraising page. What is wrong?

  • When uploading a picture, make sure that the file is in the correct format. JPEG and PNG image files are typically the most compatible.  

How do I change my personal login password for my Team LIVESTRONG participant center?

  • Your personal password can be changed at any time by visiting the Team LIVESTRONG website. Once on the homepage, simply place your cursor over the profile picture that appears on the top right-hand side of the screen. A drop-down menu will appear giving you the option to change your password. This is another easy way to edit other aspects of your participant profile.  

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